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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Another Flakey Windows Update

Everyone who reads my Blog knows how much I hate AutoUpdate programs including the automatic updates for Windows. In most cases, the risk of any update far exceeds the benefits. When there are exceptions I will mention them here.

This weeks update caused a couple problems so far this week. First reported was a conflict with Sunbelts Ninja Email Security. Sunbelt’s crack development team was quick to provide a fix for their users.

Now we have word of “sluggish” applications which use .Net Managed Applications. More information can be found on Heath Stewart’s Blog.

What I regularly recommend is that users set the Windows Update option so that it only downloads updates and doesn’t install them. I suggest waiting 7–10 days before installing any updates. Usually, the only exception is when it’s a security fix for a zero-day threat that is known to be widely deployed by the bad guys. If you do have problems with a security update you can contact Microsoft for free at 1–866–PC-Safety.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill P.,
How true, how true !!! By now anyone who does not heed your advise on the 7 to 10 days wait period till things shake out is his own fool.


2:33 PM  

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