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Monday, July 30, 2007

WinPatrol 2007 v12 Test

I appreciate all of you who come regularly to read my leaking thoughts. I try my best to come up with topics that will interest you and attract new readers. One of the keys to getting new readers is to have other popular Blogs link to your stories.

On the lower left-hand column of the Blog screen you’ll see I include a link to Technorati which keeps track of which Blogs link to me. Out of all the topics I cover my recent news about Scotty getting his bark back in Vista attracted the most attention ever.
At least five legitimate Blogs linked to my post.
CertifiedBug: Scotty will bark again on Vista
Nellie2: Winpatrol Will Soon Woof Again
Security Ticker: Winpatrol Gets It’s Bark Back
Security Garden: Windows Vista Won’t Silence Scotty’s Bark
Larry Osterman: Playsound is Failing on Vista! What’s Wrong?
Little did I realize how exciting this news would be. There are some other changes which I hope folks will also enjoy. There’s a new icon and two new report formats. One report choice creates a file called HijackPatrol.log which outputs all our information in a format familiar to any online helpers.

WinPatrol 2007The new version is almost ready for release but I wanted to get a little more feedback before finalizing version 12. If you’re interested in downloading our new version and providing feedback, go to If not, I promise you won’t have to wait long for the new version.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does Whale Express work under Vista? :) I haven't tried Way To Go lately. Nice to see a familiar name. Ah... AOL, Developers forum, the days of my youth...

6:08 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Wow!! I am having all sort of Flashbacks. Yesterday, I heard from Robert Seidman, and now today, Tim Hill. Like I always said, this is a tight industry and everyone knows everyone eventually.
Glad you found me and thanks for stopping by!


6:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scotty was lovelier outside his blue
bubble....may be because I'm old
inclined to keep things static or
it's true that scotty was free to move and bark outside this cage.

Any how, I'm much thankful to Bill for
this marvelous piece of software which is the only one I permit to start with Windows apart from AVG and Zonealarm. Thanks again.


8:19 PM  

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