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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Scotty Visiting Deutschland

Even back in the 90’s when WinPatrol was first developed our biggest fans outside the U.S. were located in Germany. Even now, over 6% of our August downloads were WinPatrol’s German version. We’ve always had great reviews by,, PC and many others. Back in my C=64 days some of the smartest programmers I knew were in Deutschland.

WinPatrol Startup in German

Scotty and I are heading to Germany.  Most of today is going to spent with US Airways on my way to the Frankfurt Airport.   We have a three hour lay over in Philly, but at least I know they have decent wireless service there. Hopefully, I won’t have any travel nightmares to write about. 

American’s always have two comments when you tell them you’re going to Germany.  The conversation always comes around to Beer and the Autobahn.  Well, I’m not a beer drinker but yes, they really do have beer in McDonalds.  Yes, you can go as fast as you want on the Autobahn. Just in case someone from Avis reads my blog I won’t comment on how much I really love driving the Autobahn. The best part of the Autobahn is that everyone knows enough to stay in the right lane unless they’re passing.

This isn’t a vacation trip so I’ll be keeping in touch.  I’m sure I’ll also post a photo or two and other news while I’m gone.

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Blogger Corrine said...

Wishing you a very successful trip.

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there,

you are right. In Germany you "can" drive as fast as you want to. But the recommend speed is 130km/h, then if you get into an accident (which I hope not) and you are over that limit you,they might give you a 50% complicity!
Drive safe!

6:23 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Danke... I always obey the recomended speeds. 8)
Weather here has been good.

I did take time out today to do something fun and took our grandkids to LegoLand. My whole body hurts and I expect to sleep good tonight.


5:09 PM  

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