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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Crash Victim Identified by iPod

After two days Minneapolis authorities still could not identify Adam Ray Finley after his bicycle was struck by a school bus two blocks from his apartment. The 30 year old was killed. His only possessions at the time of the accident were keys and an iPod.

Recently NBC's Dateline did a story on stolen iPods. They contacted Apple and asked about using iPod serial numbers and iTunes to return lost or stolen iPods to this rightful (registered) owners. Apple Inc. declined to participate in the story.

Luckily for Finley’s family, some Apple employees came to the aid of Minneapolis investigators.  Obviously, when they want,  Apple can trace the rightful owner of an iPod. This may open a huge privacy issue but I’m personally  glad the Finley family did not have to wait any longer than possible for an answer to their grief.

Adam Ray Finley 
While I didn’t know Finley,he was well known as a film and TV reviewer for America Online and wrote for several other publications.  Like any tragedies affecting folks in our business we are all sadden and our thoughts go out to his families and loved ones. A tribute to his work is being featured at TV

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