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Sunday, September 02, 2007

I've been Twitterpated

Still suffering from jetlag it’s hard to work on anything serious this holdiay weekend. Instead I’ve been just poking around for new ideas that don’t take much thought. I decided again to play around with the unique service called “Twitter”.  It’s hard to describe Twitter.  It’s like a Nano-Blog that only allows you to write your thoughts in 140 characters or less.

My wife Cindi always jokes about how she doesn’t believe anyone cares enough about what I say to read my Blog. She’ll really be shocked if anyone joins Twitter to follow the variety of mini-thoughts I have during the day. Twitter is becoming very popular so who knows, it may be the next big success in social networking.

On the left-side bottom of Bits from Bill, there is a Twitter “badge” that will display the last few comments I make via Twitter.  This way you don’t have to join Twitter to see what I’m thinking about.  If you do want to try Twitter, it’s free and you can sign up at

You can invite others to join Twitter but like other social networks I hate it when people give away my Email address. Instead, try searching for other people you know who may already be using Twitter at

This is still a big experiment for me so, if you click Follow Me, I’ll Follow you in return.

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