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Monday, September 17, 2007

Windows Versions are like Snowflakes

The Windows operating system is actually composed of a number of individual files which provide particular functions. Over time, the number of these files has grown.  A diagram of their dependencies would look much like the republicans flow chart of the Clinton Universal Health plan of the 90’s.

Even if you and I both have Windows XP SP version 5.01.2600 we really don’t have the same version of Windows.  This creates a problem for software developers who need to make sure their software works on everyones machine.  It can make testing and identifying problems a real challenge. It’s also one of the reasons auto-updating software freaks me out.  Have I mentioned “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?

I bring this up to illustrate why after a very successful launch of our new WinPatrol I am releasing a new version today that doesn’t really have any new features. After two weeks and over 100 thousand downloads I had a handful of people who wrote letting me know they could no longer access our PLUS database.

I discovered the Windows component named shell32.dll works a little different depending on its version and/or its dependencies.  It seems that normally Shell32.dll supports the lengthy web addresses (urls) that WinPatrol uses when accessing PLUS Information. Unfortunately, some versions of this file, even on the newest versions of Windows limits programs from opening urls over 260 characters.

Our new version 12.1.2007.0 resolves this problem. Hopefully, the cure doesn’t find some new disease but so far all our testers have been pleased. If you’re a WinPatrol PLUS member and you’re not having problems there’s no need for you to update your software. For anyone not getting all the information available, you’ll be happy with the new version which is available to all at International versions will be posted within the next 48 hours.

Since I brought up the topic, I reluctantly feel a need to point out one more misconception.  The myth about no two snowflakes being alike isn’t exactly true either. Wink

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Blogger GistOut said...

"Windows Versions are like Snowflakes...."

Cited as quotable metaphors-analogies in Metaphor-Analogy Archive".
Thank you.

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