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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Direct Revenue Wasn't a Better Internet

I’ve had a lot to celebrate this month. I have a new grand niece, Ella Grace Pytlovany born Oct 11th. On October 15th our nephew John returned from his 2nd long tour in Iraq. Today, I received the good news that Direct Revenue LLC and Best Offers Networks have ceased operations.

The folks behind “A Better Internet” and were well known for invading and taking over PC’s without a users knowledge or permission. In April 2006, New York State sued Direct Revenue and I reported on the results here in my post, “Death Threats for A Better Internet “. These guys knew all the tricks and showed no mercy yet, they thought it was a legitimate business model.

Last years lawsuit included relief and penalties from, the company's founders and chief officers Joshua Abram, Alan Murray, Daniel Kaufman, and Rodney Hook. It will be interesting if these names appear in any new companies or if they’ve learned anything from past consumer responses to their dastardly deeds.

Thanks to researcher Ben Edelman, Assistant Attorney General Justin Brookman and all the others who spent time and resources to expose these guys.

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