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Friday, January 04, 2008

Your Sears Purchase Details Available to World

When I first heard about this from Ben Edelman I couldn’t believe it. Unfortunately, this isn’t an urban legend you’ll find a Snopes or Sears has made it extremely easy for you to review the details of your purchase history. You’ll find your model number, download manuals and you can even purchase extended warranties. The only problem is you’re not the only one who can access this information.

Want to see what items your friends, family, and neighbors have purchased? Just set up a Sears “Manage My Home” account. It’s easy at All you need is an Email address. Once you have an account just go to your home profile and click on “Find your products” under “Sears Purchase History”.

All you need now is a name and address. It doesn’t need to be your name and even the phone number you enter won’t matter. I found some purchase histories going back to 1982 and hey, I didn’t know my daughter bought a Freezer last October.

Why can I access this private purchase information?

Easy to access purchase information

Apparently the “softer side of Sears” refers to the brains of the people at the Sears Holding Corporation. If so called reputable companies are this ignorant, can you imagine what lack of privacy we all have with other companies. Anyone looking to start a class action lawsuit, let me know. I’ll be the first to sign up.

If you feel guilty looking up up someone’s information (as you should ) my address can be found by clicking here. You can see the eight items I’ve purchased at Sears in the last five years. (I actually don’t recommend the Galaxy Refrigerator which was returned.)

Update: Sears has fixed this particular stupidity due to obvious criticism.

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