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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Using Unigray Antivirus To Fix MonaRonaDona

I’ve often written about Rogue AntiVirus/AntiSpyware applications which claim to help remove malware but instead force you to pay before they’ll do what they claim.

This time to increase sales of a rogue application Unigray AntiVirus, they’ve actually distributed a virus called MonaRonaDona and have seeded many popular sites with the claim that only Unigray will fix it. Surprising Unigrey Antivirus has only been on the market since the end of February 2008 and requires a payment of $39 USD.

A few WinPatrol users have reported files trying to infiltrate their systems but have been successful in keeping them from being installed. So far the primary files are “RegistryCleaner2008.exe” and “Srvspool.exe” but I’m sure this will change with the next version. One of the characteristics of MonaRonaDona’s is to shutdown many programs including Windows TaskManager and RegistryEditor. Luckily, it doesn’t try to shutdown WinPatrol.

So, you don’t have to pay $39.95 and purchase Uniqray Antivirus to remove it. The free version of WinPatrol will do the trick as will many other free programs. Either way, never believe what you read in a few posts you find online when searching for a solution. Go to the help forums who have been celebrating years of helping users online.. When you read someone's post also take note to how long that user has been participating in the online forum.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank You for this wonderful article.
I was actually infected w/MonaRonaDona on 3/3/08 and was
able to rid my computer of this by going to

They give explicit instructions on
what to remove from your computer
to gain complete functional ability
back to you.

This AM, my computer PCTools picked up unigray---it is in quarantine
and can stay there.


Have a Great Day!!!

1:17 PM  

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