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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Create Help Pages for Fun and Profit

I’ve been lucky that over the years WinPatrol has grown in popularity largely due to the efforts of its users.  I really don’t have an advertising budget so Scotty’s fame has spread mostly by word of mouth on the Internet. Many of you have participated in improving WinPatrol and our online PLUS descriptions by sending comments and suggestion. Even all our language packs have been created thanks to the volunteer efforts of our international Team WinPatrol.

One of the weaknesses of WinPatrol has always been documentation. I’m the first to admit I could do a much better job at writing help descriptions but I’m betting there are folks out there who could do a really great job.

I thought it might be a good time to ask(beg) for help from folks who know how to create useful help and hopefully I make it worth their while.  Currently, we have 10 help pages which could use some work. The most commonly accessed file can be found at Each tab on our main interface has a similar help page which can be found at There are ten pages in all and perhaps one new one coming with WinPatrol 2008.

Request for Proposal

Are you familiar with WinPatrol. Know the difference between Remove and Disable?  Are you creative? Do you think you’d be good at creating a good help page for WinPatrol?

I’ll be accepting bids from anyone willing to give it a shot. What I’ll be looking for is a sample replacement for our startup.html page in either html or PDF form. Email your submission to and let me know what you’d want to work the same magic to our other nine help pages.  The most creative, useful and reasonable submission will be offered the job and become the newest member of Team WinPatrol.  The top five (at least) efforts will receive a WinPatrol PLUS sports shirt for their efforts.

WinPatrol Sports Shirt

Feel free to use your imagination.  Change the format, the text and use any graphics available on our website. The ultimate goal is to create something that is appealing to read and can be understood by users on every level.


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