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Saturday, February 02, 2008

How Do We Stop Spyware?

A number of folks who have been on the forefront of battling spyware and adware met last week in Washington D.C. I’ve been to a number of AntiSpyware conferences over the years and they seem to get better all the time.

Panel called CSI Spyware: Can Investigators Stay Ahead of the Bad Guys.
CSI Spyware: Can Investigators Stay Ahead of the Bad Guys?

From left to right

Seated up front is longtime supporter of the MyWay searchbar, Kirk Lawrence, IAC Search & Media.

It’s hard quantify what kind of difference these meetings make. In a way it’s like a pep rally that gets many of us excited and motivated to continue our efforts. It’s also excellent to share stories and methodology. While many participants are essentially competitors the cooperation is unlike other industries.

Chris Boyd has posted some photos from the conference as well as some fun tourist travels on Flickr. There’s even proof that I sometimes wear a suit and tie. It’s interesting to view our country through new eyes. Click the photos below for more.

Photos by Chris Boyd during his recent adventures in the colonies.
NYC as viewed by a visitor from across the pond.

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Blogger theCaptain said...

Actually, I prefer to be known as the REFORMER of IAC's toolbars, distribution channels, and disclosures.

Next time I'll sit to the side.


6:20 PM  

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