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Friday, July 18, 2008

Steve Jobs Delivers Baby in Taxi

It seems that the newest trick used by malware spammers is to create outlandish headlines trying to entice uses to open up the Emails and click on links. I’m still seeing Emails on how to enlarge my penis and buy a watch but the headlines seem to be a new trend.
Just today I received the following complete with misspellings…

  • Afghan bombing kills President Bush

  • Al Pacino investigated by police for mob funding

  • Angelina Jolie dies in miscarriage

  • Bill Gates and family held and robbed in family home

  • Facebook hacked into, millions of accounts lost

  • Freak accident causes Tom cruise to be paralysed

  • Nicole Kidman loses baby in miscarriage

  • Norton Firm admits to releasing viruses

  • Obama caught with pants down

  • Pope killed by assasin in Vatican City

  • Stray javelin kills promising US sprinter

  • YouTube shut down by lawsuit

Don’t be fooled! Most of these headlines are so crazy you don’t need to go to to verify them. Some headlines may actually be true but unless you know the sender just hit the delete button.

Speaking of YouTube, I was thrilled this week to see that I can now watch YouTube videos, like my newest creation on my Series 3 TiVo.

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