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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Airline Travel in the Summer of 2008

I’m on the road this week and so far all my travel has gone well. I don’t think I forgot anything but I did have a couple first time experiences. I’m currently on a US Airways Dash 8 in the first row(1C) with plenty of leg room. Luckily I don’t have anyone next to me in (1A) because they would be sitting with their knees hitting their chin. Thanks to which I recommend to anyone before you make a seat selection. Seat Guru Rocks!

There’s a fun sign on the wall in front of me. It says “Please contact a USAir Express crewmember if you are not able to read, speak or understand English, or are unable to understand the graphic directions or crew commands”.  You can’t make this stuff up. These were obviously important instructions to have posted in the Exit row.

US AirExpress Warning to those who can't read English
Click for larger photo

I’m also finding that more flights seem to be small planes but I really didn’t know I’d be on a plane that still had propellers. I don’t have any fears while flying but it was a little intimidating to look out the window and have a huge prop spinning a few feet away. The vibration was so bad that I was really glad I ordered my new laptop with a solid state drive and not a normal drive with moving parts.

View from my US AirExpress Dash 8

Overall it was a great flight and I have no complaints.  US AirExpress got me to Philly on time, the sun is shining and room service is on the way. Hopefully, my two flights tomorrow will go as well.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to travel from Toronto to Ottawa quite a bit and I found it much more convenient to go to the local airport just north of me instead of the hour long drive to Toronto International Airport on the other side of town then try to find a paring spot that did not involve having to walk about a kilometer to get to Departures then have to pay the exorbitant parking fee to escape the parking lot to face the perilous traffic back home across the north end of Toronto.

The turbo prop planes where noisy but looking out of the window is much more interesting at 10,000ft than 30,000ft.

5:26 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Bill,
I'm the founder of SeatGuru and I just wanted to let you know that I've been a registered user of WinPatrol for years now. Thanks for the compliments in your blog & thanks for making a great program.

-Matt Daimler

4:39 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hey Matt,

Glad to found my post and let me know about our connection. I never go anywhere without checking


4:52 PM  

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