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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Domestic Violence and Computers

National Network to End Domestic Violence
I recently mentioned that next week I’ll be speaking at a conference put on by the National Network to End Domestic Violence. Even my friends and family have been asking what the connection is between a computer geek like me and domestic violence. Unfortunately, these days computers are often are used to spy on the activities of an estranged spouse or partner.

You might think my first advice to someone who might be in danger of domestic violence would be to run out and get a spyware/keylogger detector like WinPatrol. Not so fast. The rules are a little different when there is any potential for domestic violence.

NNEDV Warning

If go to the NNEDV site the first thing you’ll see is the warning above. If a computer has been comprised it could very well be dangerous and inflammatory to look for keylogging programs while connected to the internet. The folks at NNEDV recommend the following.

“If you are in danger, please try to use a safer computer that someone abusive does not have direct or remote (hacking) access to.”


In fact, one of the reasons I created the portable version of WinPatrol was to help potential victims while they’re not connected to the internet. If you know someone who might be in danger a visit to NNEDV online.

Stay tuned next week for more information and perhaps some photos with my friends from NNEDV.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good cause, indeed. I'm very proud to be a WinPatrol Plus user!

7:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My ex put a keylogger on my computer and terrorized me for years.He spied on every move I made.So far as to use a scanner to listen to my phone calls when someone called me.He ran all my friends and family off with his unpleasantness when they came around.Talked about them awful and even hacked into their computer pages and spied on them.It got really bad to the point I left him and have had to literally hide from him as he tried to blackmail me with tapes he supposedly had of me.He is completely unstable and I am scared of him.The problem is he is so smart with computers and all types of gadgetry that I don't know what he'll do next.Is it illegal for him to have keylogged my computer?Even though I had him out of my home he spyed on me three cities away.What do I do?Can I file charges or should I just live in fear?

4:03 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I'm sad to hear your story and can't imagine what kind of nightmare you've experienced. Unfortunately, your story is too common.

I'm not a lawyer nor am I qualified to properly council you on non-computer related issues. I only hope you can find support in your locality and also consider the resources available from NNEDV.

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks and yeah it is a nightmare.I was with him for 18 years you can imagine.I appreciate your response.Thanks again and I am currently doing research to see what all is out there to stop this madness.Have a great day.

8:18 PM  

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