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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Technologizer, New Playground for Harry McCracken

Last year I wrote about the adventures of former PC World Editor, Harry McCracken.  I had the pleasure of getting to know Harry while on vacation in early 2007. He’s a true gentleman and an absolutely classic geek.

Last year, Harry left his 13+ year position with PC World due to a conflict between editorial content and pressure to please advertisers. PC World owners IDG recognized the folly of their directive and asked Harry to return which he did.

Now Harry has left the hard copy publishing world behind to start a new venture called “Technologizer”. This time he left PC World in good hands as he starts his new job, expanding his editorial coverage of the industry.

Technologizer includes a social network element thanks to technology from Technologizer, A Smarter Tech Community is like a personal facebook dedicated to the kind of technology that Harry loves best.

One of PC World’s other great assets has gone off to expand his audience.  Columist Steve Bass who wrote PC Worlds “Tips & Tweaks” can now be found at TechBite: Take a Bite Out of Technology. You can sign up for Steve’s newsletter and have it delieved to your Email free of charge.


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