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Monday, November 03, 2008

$10 Coupon on 1 GB WinPatrol Flash Wristband

On my recent trip to the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference I brought some of my WinPatrol Flash wristbands to giveaway. It turned out I didn’t get a chance to give out as many as I had expected so we can afford a special offer for Bits From Bill readers.

Good until November 15th, the coupon code “Windows7” will get you $10 off when ordering the 1 GB Flash memory wristband. Retail price is $24.95. (Approx. 12 EUR down from 19.5 EUR)

Click to order your WinPatrol Flash wristband
Click to order


  • 1 GB Flash memory

  • WinPatrolFlash.exe Portable version of WinPatrol for helping others.

  • wpsetup.exe For installing the newest WinPatrol build.

Use your WinPatrol USB Wristband to copy your music, photos or even your data from one computer to another.

Paypal orders enter code in comments and you’ll receive a $10 rebate.


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