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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sun Java Promoting Microsoft Toolbar

I’ve written more than once about annoying toolbars but I ran into one today that just made me laugh.  I was updating Java and during the setup, they encouraged me to “Get the new MSN Toolbar for FREE”.

Sun Java promoting the MSN Toolbar

While this is annoying, it’s ironic in so many ways. At one time, Java was on a path to change the computing world and was expected to be one of the hottest technologies of the decade.  That was before Microsoft bastardized Java and eventually killed support for it.  While Java is still a great tool it never reached the popular role it was once destined for.

Even more ironic was that I was updating Java on my Google Chrome Browser.  The idea of using an MSN Toolbar on Chrome is truly bizarre.

As I’ve indicated in the past, the economics of hoisting toolbars on unsuspecting downloads is force to be reckoned with. Sun and its Java line will soon be owned by Oracle but I don’t expect any change in toolbar deals.
April 20th: Oracle to Buy Sun

As I completed this article I read that a dreaded cease & desist order was recently sent the download site Softpedia by makers of Comodo Internet Security. Softpedia has their own standards for classifying software and categorized Comodo as “adware” because they bundled the toolbar. They’re not exactly alone.
Softpedia Review of WinPatrol

 As a result of this threat of legal action, Softpedia has chosen to remove any Comodo products from their online library. Hopefully, Comodo won’t threaten others who call them out like the Calendar of Update Installers Hall of Shame.


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Blogger Corrine said...

The MSN toolbar was added a bit ago. (SunJava Update Includes MSN Toolbar). The only saving grace is that the toolbar isn't disguised as some kind of Java security add-on.

I wish vendors would learn that if we want a toolbar, we'll install one ourselves!

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Presumably you mean ironic and not iconic. :)

1:12 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

My thanks to anyone and everyone who takes the time to let me know about embarrassing typos. ;)


1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good for Softpedia... fighting threats with an absolute rejection.

These varied bad practices will only increase... and we need to slam the door on them when we can.

I am sadly amazed by how far the pursuit of the almighty dollar will cause/allow supposedly reputable corporations to go. is proliferating through many softwares... I shut down all these unasked-for, included 'extras'. If I can't disallow them, or they slip one in on me... I'll go look for alternative software.

Why are so many vendors becoming so much more 'predatory'? It's not 'hard times'... they've been on this road for a while now (probably forever).

I don't know if there's a consumer committee on corporate ethics, and a rating system... but there's an idea for a website ...with specific complaints/reports ...and a whistleblower section.

4:11 AM  

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