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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mothers Day Special $10 off Coupon

I’ve always been a big fan of mothers. My own mother passed over 10 years ago but naturally, I still think about her on Mother’s Day. My mom was actually an early computer user starting off with a Commodore 64 and C= 128.  Her last computer was from Gateway 2000.  She was always proud to show off any program I created including the cute little Scotty dog that helped keep her computer safe.

Yes, that's my mom checking her Email on Q-Link.

In honor of Mother’s Day 2009 I’ve created a coupon that provides $10 off an upgrade to WinPatrol PLUS. So if you’d like to protect your mom this is a good time to introduce her to Scotty the Windows Watchdog.

It’s a quick and easy upgrade to WinPatrol PLUS at

Coupon:  “momrocks
Value:   $10 USD
(approx 7.34 EUR, 11.51 CAD, 13 AUD, 6.57 GBP)



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