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Sunday, May 17, 2009

NASA Boldly Goes where No Popcorn is Required

I have plenty of friends who have been talking about seeing the new Star Trek movie but only a few have been paying attention to the real space adventure. Since launching on May 11th, the Space Shuttle Atlantis and their crew has been busy on the the final mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope.

STS-125 Crew Patch
STS-125/SM4 Crew Patch

If you think Star Trek is great, you haven’t seen anything yet. You can watch the scenes from a real space adventure at

This episode stars:

Commander: Scott D. Altman
Pilot: Capt. Gregory C. Johnson
Mission specialist 1: Michael T. Good
Mission specialist 2: John M. Grunsfeld
Mission specialist 3: Megan McArthur
Mission specialist 4: Michael J. Massimino
Mission specialist 5: Andrew J. Feustel

For more information on the crew of STS-125, The Final Mission to the Hubble Space Telescope check out


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Blogger nightsmusic said...

Did you know that Michael Massimino is tweeting from space? His tweets are so cool! Astro_Mike

10:30 AM  

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