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Thursday, May 14, 2009

WinPatrol PLUS Database Available in 13 New Languages

There’s no denying we live in a global society and those of us who speak English aren’t alone. Most content on the Internet is in English but that’s slowly changing. Currently 18% of new downloads of WinPatrol are of the non-English version. I respect that people want text in their native language and have tried my best to support my friends in other countries.

My job just got easier thanks to the Microsoft® Translator Widget

Currently only available by invitation, the Translator Widget provides an easy, quick translation into 13 new langauges. It’s like magic. Granted, no translation technology is perfect but I hope my readers and WinPatrol fans will appreciate the effort.

Starting today, most of you who read Bits From Bill will have the option of reading my leaking thoughts in your native langauge. What’s even more exciting is now all WinPatrol PLUS members can view our PLUS database in other languages. Over the years with the help of my research manager Robin, we’ve created a database of over 20,000 program descriptions for WinPatrol PLUS members. These descriptions were created so mere humans could understand what a program file is for and if it was safe. The entire database is now available in 13 additional languages. Click here for example

The stats below for the last two week show how much support I’ve had from friends outside the USA. This is a clear indication that Microsoft has helped provide a solution for a large part of my user base.

Local stats for May 2009
Top Ten Countries Accessing May 2009

Currently the following languages are available with more to come.

Chinese Simpified
Chinese Traditional

The Microsoft® Translator web page widget is currently a “Technology Preview” so I’m honored to be chosen as a participant. I look forward to improvements in the technology and seeing this widget on other popular web sites.


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très bien ! Le vaillant petit canidé Scotty monte une garde vigilante sur mon ordinateur et ceux de mes admiratrices !

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