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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Droid Autofocus Camera Problem Solved

In another of my series of Droid articles I wanted to share a recent discovery and address some rumors of a secret silent Droid update. When I first started to use the Droid 5 MP camera I was a little disappointed in the quality. Thankfully, a bug in the camera was confirmed and Motorola quietly acknowledged a fix was coming in a future update.

This week a number of people noticed a sudden improvement in the Droid autofocus feature. An explanation came in the form of a comment on Engaget from purported Google Engineer Dan Morrill. The autofocus problem was due to timestamp rounding error and was fixed automatically once the date has changed. While I question everything, as a programmer I know anything is possible. I’m told a real service update will be provided before the next date cycle screws up the autofocus again. It will be an official update and not a secret silent one.


I’m a skeptical person so I decided it was important to compare photos I took earlier this month with one take today.

This photo was taken on November 9th. Excuse the kitchen rehab mess


kitchen2Taken today November 18th. The lighting change is unrelated to the autofocus changes but the detail is pretty obvious. Nice!

Now, just to confirm the theory, I was able to set the date back on my Droid and take the following photo under similar light conditions.


Thanks to Tech Crunch for bringing this information to my attention.

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