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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

New and Improved WinPatrol 18

While WinPatrol 18 sounds like a boring name there’s nothing boring about the new features included in the new, improved WinPatrol.


Since 1997 WinPatrol has taken a snapshot of critical system locations and alerted members if values are changed. Over the years Microsoft Windows has become more and more complex and the number of critical locations has exploded. WinPatrol has grown to meet those needs while remaining small and robust.

I frequently get recommendations from pros on new registry locations which should be monitored.  In some cases, these locations are application specific or apply to particular versions of Windows. WinPatrol 18 users can add locations they feel are important and WinPatrol will protect them.

reglock_thumbRegistry monitoring is flexible. Instead of having a pop up message asking about a change WinPatrol can just lock down a value and prevent it from changing. In the list above, those registry values with an icon are set to be locked and protected from change.  As online experts find new registry values being changed by malware, WinPatrol can protect you better than ever.

At first glance this feature may look like something for advanced users. The “Suggestions” button will offer tips and suggestions on registry values you may want to protect based on how you use your computer.  We’ll also offer application specific update scripts that can be download and installed with a few clicks.  Ultimately, it’s still my goal to save users from having to ever edit the register using programs like RegEdit.exe.

By far my favorite part of developing WinPatrol is the support I receive from our loyal fans.  When WinPatrol was created I never expected it to become my primary project. I never developed a business plan to keep WinPatrol going so I really depend on word of mouth and support from all of you who have become PLUS members.  As long as my health and this support continues you’ll see a WinPatrol 19, 20 and many more with new features based on your requests and suggestions.

scottyorb64Thank you again for your support and suggestions. Please enjoy the new WinPatrol 18. I hope Scotty takes good care of you and your critical computer information.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again, thanks Bill. Hope your health stays good because I know the support will always be there.

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, thanks very much for continuing developing WinPatrol since 1997.
But sadly, WinPatrol 18.1.2010 does not work on my two Windows 2000 Pro SP4 machines.

In the Spanish version (setupes.exe):
During the installation the winpatrolspanish.reg file cannot be imported in the registry. It is not a valid file. The Localized version of your web site, , is imported without any problem..
WinPatrol.exe and WinPatrolEx.exe cannot be loaded. An error message appears telling that they are not valid Win32 applications. And after accepting that message another one appears telling that it is impossible to run that command.

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Chris (in Manchester, UK) said...

Thanks Bill for your excellent work. I heard about WinPatrol from a friend and now I tell everyone they need to get WinPatrol. When I look at all the valuable and most useful little programs on my computer, I note that they are produced by dedicated individuals (like Bill) rather than large corporations. Look forward to WinPatrol 20, 21, .....

11:25 AM  
Blogger djmegavolt said...

Thanks, for devoting so much effort to such a valued and trustworthy little program. I detest over bloated commercial programs with their sneaky attempts to add services and updaters etc. So I adore WinPatrol.

There are many alternatives to WinPatrol, but in my opinion none that are so well behaved and efficient at getting just the right amount of info and just when it is needed.

Keep up the good work, and wishing you good health in the future.

6:35 PM  

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