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Saturday, August 03, 2013

WinPatrol PLUS For Everyone Just $2

About once a year I go crazy and try to introduce WinPatrol PLUS to the folks who have never heard of WinPatrol or have never experienced this small powerful app. For over 15 years WinPatrol has been recommended by friends and family but I never invested in any kind of expensive PR campaign.

USA Today put it best when it said, “WinPatrol may be one of the best kept secrets in computer protection.”

This recommendation came from Pulitzer Prize author Byron Acohido author of Zero Day Threat:...

No More Secrets 
The best kept secret will now be available at such a low price everyone will get the word out and we’re sure to see a world wide increase in the use of WinPatrol PLUS. History has shown once someone understands what Scotty can do WinPatrol becomes the first program they install and one they never do without. You'll never find an offer like this and it comes without any check boxes trying to trick you into installing unwanted toolbars or download managers.

Even if you're using a pirated version of WinPatrol PLUS you can afford $2.00 USD to support its future. Over 30,000 have downloaded our newest  version and the more users we have the more effective our new Community Shield data will be to protect you.

one_time_fee For a limited time upgrading to WinPatrol PLUS can be as low as $2.00 USD.  In countries where the US dollar isn’t valuable this will be an even better bargain.  Due to the extremely low price a 50 cent surcharge will be included on bank credit card orders. This charge will not be applied to PayPal orders or other purchase options. This sale will end August 10th.


WinPatrol helps you understand what's running in your computer and allows you to prevent unwanted changes. It's small, works with other programs and won't slow you down.  WinPatrol was the first program to use a  behavioral approach to detect new infiltrations and Zero-Day attacks.
WinPatrol continues to add unique features that aren’t found in Anti-Virus programs yet works and plays well with others.  It remains the smallest, fastest system monitor of its kind and complements your favorite security suite. Our future really depends on your appreciation of toolbar free software that helps your computer run the way it should.

Click Image for normal size

Startup Programs – Beyond MSConfig

winpatrol-active Active Tasks – Multiple Selection Allows Mass Killing

winpatrol-registry WinPatrol Monitors Any Registry Location You Want
Let WinPatrol warn you or tell it to keep your value safe.

Upgrade your computer now for just $2

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