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Monday, July 17, 2006

AOL UnCut Video

One of the most popular trends on the web is the sharing of funny or just plain stupid videos.  Google launched a video service earlier this year and sites like have gotten enough exposure to attract the interest of major media outlets.  After first being annoyed that segments of Saturday Night Live were being posted on YouTube, NBC did an about face and has now partnered with YouTube.

Some videos are very high content quality but most are user-generated.  Since most digital cameras can also take short videos many of the uploads are just home made amateur projects designed for friends and family.  There are a lot of folks looking to produce the next Numa Numa video.  It’s amazing how adding a great music score to any home video entertaining.

Time Warner’s AOL has been working on their own video sharing service called “UnCut Video” which is currently in their 3rd beta.  One of the most commented upon videos has been from a guy looking to find out if he should have lasik surgery (Click Here to view "Glasses on?" 

AOL re-compresses the video so they appear quickly and yet the video quality is very good.  The quality of the content isn’t at YouTube’s level yet but with all the folks using AOL I’m sure that will change.  I’ve uploaded a few of my own favorites which you can view by searching on my AOL screen name “BillP”. (Click Here)  Even with no promotion they’ve each had over 100 views so apparently a lot of folks are trying UnCut Video.

Disclaimer: I do have family connection to the UnCut Video team.

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