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Sunday, October 01, 2006

WinPatrol 10.0.5 Beta Test

It’s been quiet here at BillP Studios as we get ready for a new maintenance release of WinPatrol 10. There’s nothing special with this new release but I am looking for some friends of Scotty to give it a whirl.

One of the main changes has to do with how data is read and stored in the Window registry. I’ve never been a fan of registry cleaners and I’ve seen a few cases where over-zealous cleaners wiped out important data saved by WinPatrol.  The new version has some tricks to get around any possible problems.

The other major change is a simple upgrade on my part to Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. The main reason for the change is to prepare WinPatrol to take advantage of some new functions which will be available in Windows Vista. In theory, using Microsoft’s newest compiler shouldn’t break anything but it is still a major change.

I’m heading to Schweinfurt, Germany tomorrow and hope to make this WinPatrol 10.0.5 available to the public soon after I return.  Thank you for your help.

Hotel Ross, Schweinfurt Germany
Hotel Ross, Schweinfurt, Germany

Update:  The beta period is now over.  Thanks to all who participated. The newest version is now available at


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