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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Obvious Spam Subject Lines

It may be the jet lag from my recent trip but I had to write a quick article about the various titles I see in my spam folder. The following are just a part of a one day sample of the spam I received.

You know it’s spam if it says…
  • Buy OEM Software
  • You're approved! You are approved for an unsecured $7,500 credit line
  • 250 Free Full Color Business Cards - Don't Miss Out!
  • prescription medications online
  • Urgent Equity Alert
  • US $ 69.95 Viagra 100mg x 10 pills
  • Watch your body change with Anatrim
  • Wir wissen was Frauen wollern
  • Photoshop, Windows, Office
  • Your order approved
  • Send this to your friends
  • November 70% OFF
  • Next Big market Winner
  • New Company Pick for November
  • Legal software sales
  • Home-based job opportunity
  • Free Dating Profile - Limited Time
  • exclusive watches, affordable prices rolex
  • Credit Card Debt Relief

I’m sure most of you would just hit Delete on any of the subject lines above as well as many of the imaginative lines below.

  • Add some more male meat to your package!
  • Sail down the love canal more confidently
  • Increase your love stick to make it really magic!
  • This remedy is a true godsend for your little willy
  • True masculinity is impossible without a substantial volume of male meat
  • We'll teach you how to get a schlong you could be proud of!
  • Say "I can have sex all night long"!
  • Prepare your love wand for the next battle
  • Not enough length? We'll show you how to change it!
  • No woman will resist your masculine attractiveness!
  • Have a great night with your girlfriend!
  • Great news for men in despair
  • Get more pleasure in love with your new big phallus
  • Encouraging news for your willy

I’m not sure I even know what it means but I really had to laugh today when in mail today I saw

  • Now your penis can serve as the lighthouse in the open sea.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill P. I been in the IT biz 36 years now and you are one of the bright spots in this game - keep up the great work.

NAB :-)

11:07 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks, after posting the list I wasn't sure it would be that funny to others and really started to think it was the jet lag.


11:14 AM  
Blogger 1UP RPG said...

I just got the biggest laugh when I got the "open sea" spam as well. I had to Google it and that brought me here. I love your collection of ridiculous quotes.

Runner up would be "little willy." Ha!

Have a great day.

3:19 PM  

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