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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Brian Krebs on Security

I don’t read as many blogs as I used to but I regularly kept up with Washington Posts’ Security Fix with Brian Krebs. I was sad to read that after 15 years, today is the last day Brian will be contributing to the Post. This is bitter sweet since my oldest daughter Erica was recently brought into the Washington Post Company to work on some of their blog projects and advise them on other new technologies. I was looking forward to her working with other true professionals like Brian.

I had the pleasure to meet Brian at an Anti-Spyware conference in D.C. We were both invited to a dinner which was organized by the good folks from Sunbelt Software. I was immediately impressed when Brian let our host Alex know that he would be required to pay for his own dinner. I know this isn’t really unusual professional behavior but it’s still rare.



The good news is Brian certainly won’t be going away. We can now find him at As a seasoned professional you can bet this won’t be just another security blog.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kerbs is one of the best.
He is definitely good at what he does ;]

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Washington Post several years ago no longer needed Don Phillips, the most knowledgeable writer on railroad, aviation, and other transportation issues in the country. Now, Brian Krebs. Yes, I can create my own "newspaper" from carefully chosen blogs of interest to me, but the overall community is more poorly served, thus enhancing the Post's and other papers' downward spiral. Read Don Phillips column in the Feb 2010 Trains at any decent newsstand: "Buffett purchase of BNSF shows media ignorance". Now, expect increased media ignorance on security issues.

8:37 PM  
Anonymous George Bounacos said...

Absolutely agree with your assessment of Krebs' work, Bill. It's top-notch.

I gave up my 20+ year print subscription in December. Wise and Milbank and a few others are in my reader. The rest I enjoyed reading are gone or easily accessible.

Good luck to him in the new venture, and best wishes to you for a great New Year!


5:59 PM  

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