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Sunday, January 01, 2006

New WMF Exploit Patch

I had hoped I wouldn’t have to write about the Zero-Day WMF Exploit again but I feel a responsibility to anyone who has followed my advice.  I suspect most of my readers have already heard that a programmer named Ilfak Guilfanov beat me too it and and has created a patch for this problem.  If not, you can learn more on Ilfak’s Blog where he includes a link to newest patch available.

I have verified this patch will work on a system that hasn’t already been effected.  I can’t personally say for sure what the results will be on a system that has already been affected.

Downloading this patch is probably a good idea but only if you’ll remember to follow this story. When Microsoft does create an official patch you’ll need to follow Ilfak's instructions to Uninstall his software.


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