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Monday, January 02, 2006

Read me on your TiVo

I won’t go into all the details on why I’m a huge TiVo fan. I’ll just say my first TiVo was activated on Oct 14, 1999 and we currently have more than one connected via a wireless network. I’m not going tell you why TiVo is the best. I can tell you if you have networked TiVo you can read “Bits from Bill” on your TV.

The killer app for TiVo is something called Galleon.  This free open source application has been under development and testing for a while and it’s definitely ready for prime time.  If you’ve ever used your TiVo to view photos or listen to music you’ll love the extra features available from Galleon.

If you’re not networked with TiVoToGo yet you’ll need three things:

A TiVo Series2 DVR
A wireless router
A TiVo supported USB network adapter ($49.95)

Installing Galleon is simple and you’ll be able to pick which ever features you want to add to your TiVo’s, “Music, Photos & More” menu.  My favorites are Weather, Movies, Shoutcast and the RSS News Reader. 
In Galleon, File->New App. For App “Type” select “RSS”.  You can add the following url and read Bits from Bill on your TV via TiVo.

Check other Blogs and favorite web sites and you’ll see an image indicating “RSS” or “XML”. Click on these images and you’ll get the required URL that can be entered into the Galleon.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, the Ilfaks homepage is not working.

2:23 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Yes, Ilfak's page has been hard hit.
Sunbelt has offered an alternative download location.
For more info go to

11:20 AM  

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