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Friday, July 21, 2006

WinPatrol 10.0.3

My commitment to WinPatrol users is something I take serious.  We've released a “revision” of WinPatrol 10 today to fix a couple issues which have been reported. After three weeks and over 100,000 downloads I’m thinking having only two bugs to fix isn't bad.

Revision indicates some changes to fix bugs and minor enhancements as requested. Upgrade recommended if specific error is addressed.

  • Fixed issue with the Info dialog when not using the default 96 DPI display property.
    If you’ve changed your Display properties to greater than the default 96 DPI the Info/Properties dialog may have appeared to be chopped off. This problem only occurred after we made the Info dialog expandable.
  • Buffer Overflow crash may occur when using "Delete on Reboot".
    A couple builds ago we added extremely tight buffer overflow control for security reasons.(More Info) It’s possible in previous versions of WinPatrol a buffer overflow occurred when using Delete on Reboot and we never caught it.  Now we get an error dialog so we were able to resolve this issue immediately. If this bug affects your machine you’ll know immediately.
  • Feature Request: Added -NoOpen parameter to WinPatrol.exe.
    Normally, running WinPatrol.exe a second time will launch the tabbed interface, WinPatrolEx.exe. Using user controlled process launchers such as Sudo for Windows can cause the interface to open when launching a 2nd WinPatrol process. Adding -NoOpen to WinPatrol will resolve this issue.

  • You can always download the newest version of WinPatrol by going to our web site,\download.html.  Upgrades are always free!
    In most cases Scotty will remember you're a PLUS member and activate your PLUS features. If not click on the PLUS tab and enter your Name/Registration code combination to activate your PLUS features.

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    Blogger TeMerc said...

    Once again, your commitment to keeping users safe and doing all you can to offer what users ask for is commendable, you sir, are indeed a model for all other security vendors,

    Keep up the great work Bill!!

    2:03 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    How do I contact Winpatrol for customer service issues?

    6:16 PM  
    Blogger Unknown said...

    Just Email
    Company information can be found at the bottom of

    6:49 PM  

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