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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Claria is my new friend

It used to be that Claria was a dirty word here at BillP Studios. It’s well known as the name of one of the first companies to try and sneak spyware on peoples computers. I’m sure there are still folks running copies of their old Gator programs. The only other Claria I’m familiar with is Claria Horn Shadwick, an attorney in Kentucky who is well known in the world of Equine sports and education.

Now, there’s another good Claria in the world and it comes from my friends at the Seiko  Epson Corporation.  Epson has announced three new “Ultra Hi-Definition” printers that will use its new innovative Claria ink product. Along with newly designed print heads, the output from these new consumer printers can’t be beat.

Disclaimer: I am partial to Epson having created products with them for many years. It was actually one of the VP’s at Epson who encouraged me to spend more of my spare time developing WinPatrol PLUS. The good news, I’m no longer under NDA so I can tell you about my new Claria friend.

While the ink droplets can now be as small as 1.6 picoliters, I’ve found the real benefit to Claria ink is its resistance to smudges, water and even scratches. The size of the droplet can actually vary on each print using Epsons DX5 technology. 

Epson says photos printed with Claria ink will last 200 years which I’ll admit is hard to prove. You’ll always want to match up the paper you use with the brand of printer. In this case, you’ll want to use Epson Glossy Photo Paper  Either way, Epson is setting the bar high with their three new 6 color ink printers and the competition will be scrambling to catch up.


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