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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Privacy vs. Convenience

A few years ago, the ACLU published a really funny, yet scary flash movie about the risks of losing information we now consider private.  You may have seen it or even shared it with 10 of your friends.  It’s short and worth a another quick view.

Click for Pizza Palace Movie
Click to view Pizza Palace Movie

Thanks to Mike in Schenectady for the link

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing the ACLU skit on your blog.

Given the state we in the US of A have already experienced re: loss of personal security, I believe we're definitely "At Risk" for slipping down the rest of the slope as depicted in this video.

Of course, in a new version of the video, one would have international 'elements' getting into the 'system' and using the data for various forms of mayhem.

This video should be seen by all, especially those who are allegedly protecting our "freedoms and rights!"

And, Thanks again for the skit. It is both powerful, and scary.

Bruce Burrows

3:03 PM  

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