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Friday, October 06, 2006

Microsoft Vista Limits Security Vendors

While I was in Germany this past week life continued on. I can confirm the autobahn is fun to drive on. It’s not just because you can go fast, but people actually stay in the right lane unless they’re going to pass.
German Flag
I can also confirm that I’ll be writing more about Microsoft’s battle with European regulators over new security features which will give Microsoft Vista a significant advantage over 3rd party security vendors.   Microsoft hints at holding Vista hostage from EU countries if they try to enforce AntiTrust actions. So much for Microsoft’s Twelve Tenets to Promote Competition.   What role BillP Studios will play in this drama was not determined on this past trip but I’ll have more to say.

Here’s some of the news I missed while I was away.
Many of my Blog friends reported on the shameful habits of a new Microsoft MVP.

Malware Advisor: “Adware Vendor Now MS MVP!!!???” "Microsoft give MVP Award to Adware Pusher "
Sunbelt BLOG: "Is this freshly minted Microsoft MVP actually an adware pusher? "

It’s update time again for Microsoft on Tuesday, October 10th.

Washington Post: "Microsoft to Issue 11 Patches Next Week"
Security Garden: "Advance Notice Microsoft Security Bulletin"
Microsoft Security Response Center: "October 2006 Advance Notification"


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