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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Symantec Names Spybot a Zombie

Last month I wrote about Symantec being unfair to other popular spyware vendors. When you install NAV 2007 it will look for programs like WinPatrol and Spybot Search &Destroy and tell you they’re incompatible.  We have proved this to be false and WinPatrol works fine along side NAV 2007. Symantec however recommends users remove it.  It’s not hard to imagine how many customers I will lose because of this false warning.

Now they’ve really made me mad.  There’s a new malicious bot program making the rounds and Symantec has named it “W32.Spybot.ACYR”.  Click to read more from CNet’s Joris Evans

In my opinion, this is a blatant attempt at discrediting a popular anti-malware tool.  I can easily see WinPatrol.troj being named for the next Trojan they find patrolling the internet.

This back door robot uses a vulnerability in an open port which has been patched by recent Microsoft updates.  If an unpatched machine without WinPatrol or other real-time monitor is infected a user may never know.  Once infected the “zombie” will sit back and wait to be used in the future to relay spam or launch “Denial Of Service” attacks. McAfee has picked the name sdbot.worm!811a7027 which is more accurate based on past sdbot type infections.

I realize Symantec is losing market share to Microsoft but they’ll never have my support if they continue this attack on the little guys.

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Blogger Corrine said...

Any software designers that find their product is incompatible with two such highly recognized and respected software programs should take an introspective look at their programming. After all, KAV, F-Prot, e-Trust, and others certainly don't have a problem with either Spybot or WinPatrol.

Sadly, Symantec has been using "Spybot" in their naming convention for some time. They are, however, misusing a registered trademark. Spybot is registered to Safer Networking. See USPTO

7:57 PM  
Blogger topogio said...


This just makes my decision against Symantec "Concrete". Once I find a new reputable webhost for my websites, then I will also attach a link to a very very respectful piece of software that has done nothing more than think of the user.... WinPatrol for which I have been a proud user since the very day it came out!!! Hear that Symantec!!?? Norton used to be the greatest thing until Symantec ruined it!! I use everything but Symantec. I have one computer that only uses WinPatrol, and is on 24/7 and is still Virus and Trojan Free... Thanks tons Bill and happy First Anniversary at Blogging... :)

Gary... The SpamKiller... lol

1:05 AM  

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