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Friday, November 10, 2006

I've seen the Vista

Microsoft has officially stamped their approval on a build of Windows Vista and sent it to manufacturing.  (Click here for Info)  The official worldwide release date is January 30th, 2007. (Click here)

Now that the major changes are complete it’s was time to finalize testing on WinPatrol for Vista and see what else we might have to change.  I now have Vista up and running.  I have noticed a few things that have changed and will need tweaking but ultimately WinPatrol works right out of the box with Microsoft’s Windows Vista.  No conflicts with Defender have been noted and performance it better than I expected. 

WinPatrol running under the default Vista theme

I was pleased to see that after installing Vista my Startup list wasn’t too crowded and WinPatrol looks pretty good under the default Vista theme.

I’m not sure folks have a really good reason to upgrade to Vista but I’m keeping an open mind. I’ve been critical of Microsoft at times and will continue to call it as I see ‘em.  Upgrading to Vista may not be cost effective for many people but the real issue for me is stability. So far things look good. If Vista proves to be stable I’ll be happy to install it on all my “Vista Capable” machines.


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