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Friday, October 27, 2006

Direct Revenue invented pot?

Last week there was a hearing for the ongoing case of New York v. Direct Revenue. Last April, I wrote about customer threats toward Direct Revenue in my entry, “Death Threats for A Better Internet”.

If you want to see how frustrating it can be taking spyware vendors to court give the transcript below a read. The judge in this case really doesn’t seem to have a clue and he’s equally rude to both parties. 
Click here for transcript

While the transcript refers to the NY representative as Mr (Scott) Christie, it’s actually Justin Brookman from the NY Attorney General’s office.  There may be other errors in the transcript like the following on page 19.  Regarding Direct Revenue’s former Uninstaller…

“They found that too many people were removing their software removed it and got rid of it. They invented pot.”

Justin assures me he doesn’t recall saying that Direct Revenue invented pot.  


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