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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Holiday Mail for Our Troops

Updated: November 14th
Few things annoy me more than people who continually verbalize, “I support our troops” but do nothing more than put a yellow ribbon magnet on their car.  On this Veterans Day 2006, it’s  a good time for everyone to spend their weekend not only thinking of our troops but doing something.

If you’re hoping to send any packages to our kids in Iraq or Afghanistan the time is now. According to United States Postal Service, Supporting Our Troops FAQ the following shipping dates are posted for military mail.

APO AE Zip 093

Parcel Post: Nov. 13
Space Available Mail: Nov. 27
Parcel Airlift Mail: Dec. 2
Priority Mail/First-Class Mail, Letter and Cards: Dec. 4
Express Mail Military Service: Not Available

APO AE Zips 090-092, 094-098;
APO AA Zip 340; 
APO AP Zip 962-966

Parcel Post: Nov. 13
Space Available Mail: Nov. 27
Parcel Airlift Mail: Dec. 4
Priority Mail/First-Class Mail, Letter and Cards: Dec. 11
Express Mail Military Service: Dec. 19

To make sure your package has the best chance to arrive check out the Postal Services, Military Addressing and Packing tips at

If you’re one of the few people who doesn’t have someone special in harms way I’ll share my nephew John with you. He’s the father of two and on his 2nd tour in Iraq. A package or just a card from any of you would certainly put a smile on his face and he promised he would distribute any gifts to those in need.  In his words…

Hi Uncle Bill,
  If any one wants to send things, they can send them to me.  We have guys all over this place who have "REAL BAD" living conditions so we bring them anything we can. here is my address:

MSG John Cavaliere
HHC, 2/10th MTN DIV
UNIT #43048
APO AE 09322
On watch: Sgt. 1st Class John Cavaliere, 2nd Brigade Combat Team personal security detachment noncommissioned officer in charge, guards a room the 2nd BCT commander and command sergeant major occupy during their visit to different areas of operation in Iraq. Cavaliere's job is to ensure the safety of 2nd BCT leaders. Photo by Staff Sgt. Angela McKinzie
       As featured in the Fort Drum Blizzard

Here’s a list of popular items…
1.  Baby Wipes
2.  Hand sanitizer
3.  Bar Soap
4.  Deodorant
5.  Magazines (Sports, Car, Hunting, Fishing, etc)
6.  Puzzle books

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