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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Vista Countdown

Like me, most of my Blogger friends took it easy this long weekend. I know I had more than my share of turkey and cranberry sauce.  There was one exception.   I can only guess they opened up a new Starbucks across the street from Corinne at the Security Garden. She’s been writing like crazy and has lots of news to share. 

One of the additions at the Security Garden is a new “COUNTDOWN TO VISTA” gadget.  If you’re wondering how many more days, hours, minutes and seconds until Vista officially launches you can check it out at


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill P.
I've had windows XP since
the beginning and over these 5 years watched microsoft try to
constantly fix, repair and update
this OS. Why would anyone beleive
that Vista will not be plagued by problems as XP. Why don't they fix
it instead of creating a new OS to
replace XP? Microsoft gets to make
billions more this way.
I will not jump to Vista
right away. I'm willing to sit back
and watch what happens to it for a
while. Its like your advise to wait
10 days to update any new updates.
If Vista is that good i'll look at it as my next years X-mas gift. If
it follows the path of XP I'll be
happy with what i got now cause its
working for me.

8:37 AM  

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