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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

DDoS Attack on

You know you must be doing something right when the bad guys gang up on you and try to shut you down.  This happen recently to our friends at On February 13th, the attack on their servers began and was able to disrupt service for almost a week.

CastleCops recently announced its 5th anniversary with a collection of over $130,000 in security related prizes they plan to giveaway. I even donated 50 WinPatrol PLUS memberships to the celebration. Apparently, someone doesn’t want CastleCops celebrating their success and has generated a worldwide DDoS attack

A DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attack is orchestrated by bad guys who have infiltrated a large number of computers around the world. Software hidden on machines is used to send millions of requests to a single site in hopes of overwhelming it and preventing normal users getting help. Most folks have no clue that their computers are being used in such attacks.  Forums like Castlecops help normal users identify and get rid of these infiltrations.

Unfortunately, the only solution for folks like Paul and Robin at CastleCops is to pay more to their server provider.  This can become a big expense for forums who provide services thanks to volunteers and donations from users.

I frequently donate to forums like and I recommend all my friends do the same.  A small donation of $25–$50 can pave the way for hundreds of users to receive help for catastrophic computer problems.  So, if you’re a regular at one of the helpful online forums, show your support today and click on that donate button.

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