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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Should I upgrade to Windows Vista?

Our new WinPatrol is Vista CapableI’ve had a number of folks ask me about Windows Vista which was officially released to the world yesterday.  I’m sure anyone who reads my Blog has already read their share of information about Vista. I’ve read everything from Vista being the savior of the computer world, to it being just a service pack for Windows XP.

The big question I’ve gotten from family and friends this week “Should I upgrade to Vista?”  My answer is the same for any new software. There’s usually no good reason to make such a dramatic change to the status quo. I always recommend waiting to see how things work out so you can learn more. If you do experience problems, someone else may have already found a solution.  It doesn’t mean I don’t think Vista is cool or exciting. It just seems like sound advice.

I really haven’t decided what I think about Vista. I’m still playing with it and reading what others think. Next week I’ll be spending most of my time discussing Vista with a number of experts during a PC World Geek Cruise of the Eastern Caribbean.  Special guests on our ship include PC World V.P. and Editor-in-chief  Harry McCracken, TV Personality Leo Laporte, and N.Y. Times columnist David Pogue. I’m sure when I return I’ll have a lot more to say.

Will I be upgrading to Vista?  Of course!  I’m a geek so I already have.   Smile and the world will smile with you.
If you want to read more about Vista our friend Corrine has planted a full crop of good informational links at Security Garden.


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Blogger RubyDock said...

When I remove a CD from my LightScribe CD/DVD drawer I get a WinPatrol window that says the drawer is empty. Can't get rid of that window unless restart. Help. Gary

11:49 AM  

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