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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy B-Day USA, Good and Bad

Happy Independence DayIt’s a holiday in the USA today but most of us will have been celebrating all week. Our own party for family and friends was last Friday night.

For my friends outside the USA, July 4th is “Independence Day” when we celebrate the American colonies Declaration of Independence from the British Empire.

There’s some good and some bad this week.

The good news for me is, my nephew John is home on a two week leave from his post in Iraq with the 10th Mountain Division based out of Watertown NY.

The bad news is an onslaught of malware spam disguised as holiday greetings is collecting in all our Email in-boxes. Many appear to come from reputable greeting card companies like or

The topics are wide ranging and here’s an example of what I received just this morning.

Independence Day At The Park from postcardsfrom(dot)com.
Independence Day Celebration from funnypostcards(dot).com.
July 4th Fireworks Show from vintagepostcards(dot).com
God Bless America from
Your Nations Birthday from FunnyPostcards(dot).com
July 4th Family Day from Postcards(dot)org
Celebrate your Independence from riversongs(dot).com
Fireworks on The 4th from
4th of July Celebration from

Take my advice and Delete, Delete, Delete!

The USA is really a nation made up of people from every other country in the world so you all should take the day off too.
Thank you Great Britain for a great start and y’all have a great week!

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