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Friday, December 07, 2007

Visit Skywalker Ranch with CNet

I ran into a great article on CNet today that was nostalgic for me but might be of interest many of you as well. Many years ago I worked on a project called Habitat in a partnership with Lucasfilm LTD. One of the benefits of the project included visits to Skywalker Ranch, just north of the San Francisco. It was a quiet year for the ranch. No new Star War movies were planned and the most recent feature film had been Howard the Duck.

Habitat from Lucusfilms and QuantumLink, later called Club Caribe
Click to view video promo

CNet’s Daniel Terdiman reported on his recent trip to Skywalker Ranch and was allowed to take and publish a number of photos.

Click for Skywalker Ranch photos

The ranch has expanded a lot since my last visit and is the home of Skywalker Sound, the recipient of 18 Oscars. If you’re into state of the art sound production this is the place to go. Daniel has all the details in his article, “The hills are alive with the sounds of Skywalker

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