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Friday, November 30, 2007

Top Ten Bits for November 2007

End of month summary of postings in November 2007.
  1. DreamScene Ran on Windows 95 But Not My Vista

  2. My Verizon FiOS is Speedy

  3. Top Ten Online Shopping Mistakes

  4. Happy 10th Birthday to Scotty

  5. CNet: Top 9 Windows Utilities

  6. Give a Child a Laptop

  7. Facebook Recommends IE7

  8. Windows XP SP3 Includes Four New Services

  9. "TiVo Like" Features on your PC

  10. Searchland Security Advisory High

Here are the top Bits from Bill that Google has found interesting enough to send folks here when they searched.

  1. Detect Changes to Windows Automatic Updates

  2. Do I need Apple Mobile Device Service?

  3. What is Zwinky?

  4. IE7 changes include IEFrame.dll

  5. Christmas Computers

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