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Monday, March 24, 2008

Still Twitterpated Every Day


Last fall I wrote about and I’m still using the service regularly. I have actually met some interesting new friends and great sources. It’s hard to explain what Twitter is and why anyone want to use it. It’s often called a micro-blog but that description doesn’t do it justice.

PC World’s Editor Harry McCracken recently posted seven tips for Twitter that might help you understand a little more. It’s something you’ll want to read before you get started.

What you get from Twitter will depend on who you follow, who follows you and how often you check it out. Find a few people to get started, look at who they follow and just add people who look interesting. Some kind folks will automatically follow you if you follow them.

So what is Twitter?

It’s like a Blog in that you can speak your mind but you only get 140 characters or less. It’s much easier than taking the time to compose a long blog post.

It makes for a great news feed if you chose to follow the right people. Many of my blog topics are from news I heard first on Twitter.

In many ways it provides what used to be cool about chat room. Yes, many years ago chat rooms were actually fun and safe. Twitter is like an on-demand chat where you can communicate with only those people you care about.

It’s also considered social network but that term is already over used. You can easily keep in contact with friends and even get to know new associates who may share your interests or humor.

I just found another recent post by Twitter evangelist, Robert Scoble. Click, “The secret of Twitter” to learn more. “Scobleizer” is a good person to follow and while he’ll usually follow you back, you may get lost in the over 15,000 people he follows.

Your twits will also get picked up by various Twitter search sites like or I was contacted for a quote by the NY Times after they found one of my Twitter comments.

It’s free and easy to get started. To register, follow my Twits and find some folks to follow go to

Also see: Wayne’s Top Tactical Twitter Tips

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