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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Veteran's Day is special all week long.

I’m lucky that I frequently get a chance to honor our veterans with special offers or reminders to others who read my bits. On Memorial Day 2008 I took all the purchases of WinPatrol PLUS, matched them and donated the funds to the Honor Flight Network.

Kids of Kosovo with their freinds from Camp Bondsteel
Our son Chris during a break with his friends in Kosovo

For Veterans Day 2008 I’d like to provide something special just for vets. Good this week, I’m offering a 50% discount to anyone who is a veteran.  This offer will expire midnight Saturday Nov 15th EST.

This offer does rely on the honor system and doesn’t require proof. It’s a reasonable risk since those without honor are typically using a friends PLUS code or an illegal keygen type PLUS code.

To obtain your discount use the coupon code, “IAMAVET”  when ordering WinPatrol or other items at the BillP Studios online store. This includes WinPatrol shirts and Wristbands. (Limit 2)

Given all the friends Scotty has made around the world, this offer is extended to veterans who fought for freedom even if it wasn’t in a US uniform. I would request you’re at least a citizen of one of our of allies.

Pssst…  If you’re currently the wife, husband of, or someone currently deployed in harms way, just Email and I’ll see you get a complimentary Winpatrol PLUS activation code.


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