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Friday, August 21, 2009

Live Writer on Windows 7

I have a few topics to write about this weekend but due in part to an error in my normal blog program I’m a little behind. I use a nice little program called BlogJet by Dmitry Chestnykh to format and post to Bits from Bill.

Since my latest install of Windows 7 RTM I haven’t been able to re-install and configure BlogJet. I thought it was a Win7 issue but after a little research I found it’s just a coincidence. Dmitry has always been responsive to problems in the past but he’s taken on a big challenge trying to keep up with changes on so many different blog platforms.

Tonight, I loaded up my copy of “Windows Live Writer” which is available as a free download with Windows 7. This post isn’t meant to be a review of Windows Live Writer. It’s really a test to find out if I’m comfortable changing my Blog authoring tool. I’m an old fart and change doesn’t come easy for me.

Live Writer has a number of available add-ons which I might help sell me.

Here’s an example of the “Cool Emotion” add-on . This isn’t an add-on I will use because the images are hosted by someone else. The folks hosting these images now have access to user stats and I can’t guarantee these images won’t be compromised in some way in the future.

This is another test to see what my Picture options are by showing you a screen shot of the Live Writer menu.

I am impressed with the photo options. Various size and frames like the following Polaroid border style are available.

ladyLady and my ‘95Z

It’s actually called “Instant Photo” frame because I’m sure they’d need trademark permission from the folks who currently own Polaroid. Yes, that is Lady the model for my Task Catcher program.

Below is a “Map” add-on that will show you BillP Studios according to Bing. I don’t know if I’d ever really use this in a blog post but who knows.

BillP Studios

So, unless this all looks really stupid after I post it, I guess I’ll be using Windows Live Writer as my new Bits from Bill tool.

And the results…
Oh well, it looks like Blogjet may not be the only one having problems uploading to

Update: The File Upload Failure was a user error. ;)


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Blogger NotesTracker - Tony Austin said...

G'day Bill. I've found that LiveWriter works without any issue on Windows 7 RTM (I'm running 64-bit, after upgrading from 32-bit Windows XP).

And so does WinPatrol Plus too, much to my relief. ... I've found that most but not not quite all 32-bit products (or even older 16-bit ones that I've held on to for a decade or more) that I used in Win XP work for me, a couple not compatible with 64-bit mode while several others others I think are incompatible with Windows 7 itself.

8:44 AM  

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