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Sunday, September 06, 2009

WinPatrol PLUS “Back to School” Special

Marisa after her first day of school

It’s that time of year again when the kids at heading back to school. Every year it seems like there is something new we need to protect our kids against.  This year it’s the N1H1 virus but many past dangers still exist.

Hopefully, everyone heading back to school will be protected against computer slow downs, malware and potential viruses. Naturally, one of the best recommendations I have is to install our free WinPatrol. For more complete protection I encourage folks to upgrade to WinPatrol PLUS.

I know not everyone has $29.95 to spare especially with the increasing cost of tuition and books. To help out this year, I’m offering a $10 off “studyhard” coupon as a special “Back to School” discount. Students will still receive all the same PLUS benefits, good for multiple computers and all future versions of WinPatrol. This coupon is valid until October 1, 2009

Just click here to order and use the coupon “studyhard”.


Click to upgrade to WinPatrol PLUS

Even if you’re not a student this month you can take advantage of this offer. Our PLUS database was created to help anyone learn more about what’s going on inside their computer.

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Blogger Unknown said...


You are to be commended for your flexibility and effort to ensure all have access to the vital information your WinPatrolPlus offers.


8:05 PM  
Blogger Indiana Jones said...


Back in the days of DOS, I was able to understand all the various commands my computer used. Those days are long over, and I appreciate the ability of WinPatrol Plus to monitor (and inform) the processes associated with Windows.

9:04 AM  
Blogger VotersOfNY said...

Been using Winpatrol Plus for something like 10 years now. Not sure if it's that long but feels like it. Best software purchase I ever made. Thanks Bill.

11:28 PM  

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