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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Results from Unemployment Give Away

Over the years I’ve offered special discounts or have used the proceeds from WinPatrol to help when I could.  One common benefactor of our support have been veterans.  My favorite special event was Veterans Day in 2008. BillP Studios donated over $2000 to our local Honor Flight Network helping to cover the costs for WII veterans a chance to visit their memorial in Washington DC.

This month I decided to give away WinPatrol PLUS to unemployed job seekers hoping they could spent more time seeking and less time trying to resolve computer problems.  Click here for more details.

I knew this give away would be different but I have been overwhelmed by the reactions. The mail I’ve received from current WinPatrol fans has been very positive and it makes me proud.  The comments included in the requests from unemployed job seeker however caught me by surprise. While everyone is grateful and happy receiving free software reading between the lines I can tell how truly desperate and beat down many people feel.

I can tell from our comments that many are in serious desperate situations.

“Thanks so much for providing this !! I have been unemployed for over a year now and the job market just doesn't seem to be getting any better “

From Jeff

“Right now I must worry more about keeping the lights on..... but mark my words: I won't forget this kindness and will pay you in full when I am able to do so.

It just makes a person feel better knowing that someone out there cares about others.”

Bless you !!!”

I am pleased that folks were proud enough to participate and accept our free offer. Most everyone was able to produce some proof of the frustration they’ve experienced trying to find work.


Sorry I wasn’t able to provide a free code to everyone who havesuffered financial problems but this special was aimed at unemployed job seekers. I’m sure we’ll come up with other specials in the future for those in real need.

This offer is still good but only during the month of August so if you haven’t, act now to take advantage of this free give-away.

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Anonymous Chet said...

I was fortunately lucky enough to win a copy of winpatrol plus awhile back. Being on a fixed income which ain't fixed to good. it was a godsend. What you are doing for the unemployed is fabulous. YOU ARE A GOOD MAN, BILL and we appreciate you.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,

I was lucky enough to buy the Plus version for $1 when you had that special offer going, for which I thank you. I'm sure you got a good insight into the plight of the unemployed. I can empathize with them. At 49 I lost my job and tried to get work for 6 years. Did some casual security work during that time. Finally gave up, applied for a disability pension and qualified. They told me I should have been on it 6 years ago.


1:44 PM  

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