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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Great 50% Educational Discount

Most years I’ve offered some kind of discount for students or a back to school time sale but this year our schools really need help. Bill and Melinda Gates aren’t the old tech professionals who have a sincere interest in our nations educational system. I can’t change our education system but nobody can object to having WinPatrol PLUS available for half its regular price.


Most of you have probably heard of changes to our school known as “Common Core”. Unless you’re an educational professional you probably won’t have an accurate understanding of how common core will affect your school and children.  You may not understand how teachers are now evaluated or how refusing to take a test could raise your taxes.

I’ve started my fourth year on the Scotia-Glenville School Board and learn something new every month. I don’t claim to be an expert on education but I have experience at hiring the best people for a job.

In our school district, the school board is an elected position with no salary or benefits. I have the added role of serving on the Audit Committee and I’m our Legislative Liaison. I have chosen the most challenging years to serve but thankfully we have built an excellent team of administrators, teachers and other staff.

Tartan3by4colorWe also have a community that considers education as critical and they’ve supported the hard decisions we’ve had to make. While billions of dollars are being spent to demonize Common Core no one is paying attention to state lawmakers balancing their budgets by taking money away from funds previously allocated for traditional education programs.

Given my interest in education I’m very happy  to offer WinPatrol PLUS for just $14.98 USD. A Family Pack license is even half price for $24.98 USD. The sale will continue until the end of August but the sooner you upgrade the quicker you’ll have more protection.


If you’ve ever been infected you know the horrible feeling of being violated and the cost of repairing your computer. Even if you can recover critical programs and data the time you spend is lost forever.  For the $14.98 you spend today upgrading to WinPatrol PLUS you’ll have valuable protection that won’t slow you down. WinPatrol’s squeaky clean reputation means you won’t end up with unwanted toolbars or page hijackers.

Take advantage of this special offer and upgrade to WinPatrol PLUS today. It’s a one time payment good for all future versions.

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