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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Grateful & Motivated by Donations

I recently posted an unusual plea with what some compared to a KickStarter request for donations. I shared some of the difficulties experienced by independent developers especially when faced with increasing health and interruptions.

I want to express my thanks and share some of the results that helped cover the cost of life saving medications.

Thirty individuals responded to my January 2015 plea for help. Many expressed gratitude for my policy never include toolbars and other unwanted software. Some had similar events in their life and wanted to pay forward. Quite a few understood that it must have been serious for me to share such desperation publically.

The donations ranged from $5 to a generous $250. Most were in the $10-$20 range although the average for all thirty donations calculated to $27.67 USD.
Over 20% of the donations were from supporters outside the United States.

As I mentioned, the gift of donations has been very motivating. During a recent fever caused by a case of pneumonia I may have come up with a way to protect users from variations of Crypto-Ransomware. This trend in malware has been very destructive and I’d love to announce a solution soon.

Thanks again,

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